Sujal Aryal - Senior Graphic Designer, CodeVatika

At Code Vatika Pvt. Ltd., I had the privilege of working on several projects as a developer alongside Dipesh Bhai. He is an excellent programmer and a valuable member of any team. Dipesh has a strong interest in coding and a constant desire to grow. He is not hesitant to take on any task and brings new perspectives and solutions to the table. In my opinion, he was a committed team player who constantly adhered to deadlines. For any programming-related assignments, I heartily suggest Dipesh, and I'm looking forward to the chance to collaborate with him on new projects.

Aadarsha Khadka - Senior Software Engineer, CodeVatika

I had the pleasure of getting to know Dipesh while he was starting his internship, and I've been continually pleased by his advancement as a programmer. In addition to his extraordinary talent, Dipesh approaches his profession with discipline and enthusiasm. He has demonstrated outstanding dedication to developing professionally and it shows in the quality of his work. Since I've known Dipesh for a while, I can confidently say that he can do any task or assignment, even with high demands and short deadlines. He has provided Code Vatika Pvt. Ltd. with useful inputs. and has demonstrated commitment to his job. For any programming-related assignment, I would gladly recommend Dipesh, and I also wish him well in his future endeavors.